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Join us in providing 1,000 amazing students with life-changing opportunities.

We are building a coalition of leading companies, organizations, and recognized leaders who share this vision. Yes, it is the toughest time in the history to ask for your stretched resources; it is also the best time for your company to set itself apart for the future!

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What really matters?

COVID-19 may have deferred your goals and plans, but we should support students to keep theirs on track. As a result, the future leaders of your company are brought closer to the present.

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Launching a Virtual Internship Program (VIP) for 1,000 Students

In response this uncertainty, Upkey is offering a solution to ensure our upcoming, talented, and diverse workforce to remain on track and be optimistic. In place of slashed Summer 2020 internships nationwide, we are offering 1,000 students an opportunity to continue to grow and career-ready!

Please join us as a sponsor, as we offer VIP, an 8-week curriculum that will
challenge and teach students vital business and entrepreneurial skills.

Each student will earn a certificate of completion, $1,000 in tuition assistance, a professional network, ultimate recognition from their sponsor... and HOPE!

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