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For many early-career job seekers, starting their careers can be a daunting task because they are simply not competing on a level playing field.

Regardless of their talent or drive, many of the hardest-working and intelligent job candidates simply don't have access to the formal career training, education, support network, or access to top-notch opportunities due to a host of socioeconomic barriers.

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Technology Barrier

There are inherent barriers present in modern applicant tracking systems (ATS).

According to a recent Harvard Business study, millions of qualified job seekers are erroneously rejected by resume screening software each day. This is a fact worth pondering on: millions are being rejected by robots.

In the current global talent shortage, ATS technology has yet to catch up. It’s become biased and tends to exclude women, first-generation and minority candidates, creating a massive black hole between qualified, diverse candidates and the employers who badly need to hire them.

That's not right, and we're doing something about it!

Upkey believes in changing lives through career empowerment. We are committed to education, inclusion, and ensuring everyone has a fair shot.

We are creating a community and a free platform that helps everyone level up their career game and land their dream job, regardless of their background.

As the reach of our community grows, the "black hole" problem will fade away, allowing companies to welcome more and more diverse and better-prepared candidates into their hiring process.

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Our platform is designed to augment existing recruitment/career related tools.

We work with universities, companies, and other organizations to maximize the value-add for their own users through easy-to-set-up integrations.

If you are also committed to education, inclusion, and ensuring everyone gets their fair shot, join us as we embark on creating the most diverse workforce in the world.

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