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Engage Gen-Z and Millennials better and create a greater, more sustainable supply of diverse talent.

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Improve Diversity & Reach

Recruit top, diverse college students for internships and entry-level jobs without scaling your recruiting team

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See Talent Differently

Our proprietary software will help you see a candidate's grit, personality and skill while removing traditional hiring biases

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Add the “It” factor

Give your brand the “It” factor

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Diversity is no longer just the right thing to do, it is the smartest investment that you can make.

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Minority users
African American
Education/Minority Partners
Diverse Students reach

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See Talent Differently What if you could measure a candidate’s skills and potential?

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Detailed User Profile
Analytics & Measurement

Through our proprietary technology, we will provide you with a more comprehensive profile of the candidates so you can make better and faster decisions.

Let’s bring the "It" factor back.

Working with thousands of Gen-Z and Millennials, we have gained powerful insight on how to engage and attract talent better.


We will customize our learning tracks and landing pages for your company to better engage and attract talent


Our learning tracks offer thousands of students the opportunity to learn more about your company and values


Using our custom modules, you can target students earlier and measure the ROI of your diversity investment

At Upkey, we believe in investing for tomorrow. Our platform gives you the opportunity to customize and gift powerful life-changing resources to millions of deserving high school and college students.
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