Software Engineer, Backend Infrastructure | UPKEY
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Software Engineer, Backend Infrastructure

Job type Full-time Company Forward Location California - CA


  • Tackle problems on the boundary of software, hardware, and the real world.
  • Build the engine that serves data at scale to product teams, data scientists, and ML engineers across the company.
  • Collaborate with domain experts in fields like AI and NLP. Our engineers made major contributions to projects such as Amazon Go and TensorFlow.
  • Work with top-flight software and hardware engineering talent from places like Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Palantir, and NASA JPL.
  • Own entire projects while working alongside cross-functional teams of doctors, designers, and operators.
  • Your work will directly contribute to saving and improving people’s lives. For real. :)


  • Impact - You’re deeply mission-driven and you think there’s more to life than software that enables puppy ears to be superimposed on photos. Although we concede those are cute.
  • Distributed Systems - You have experience building and operating highly scalable infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Data Engineering - You have firsthand experience with cloud storage (eg. S3, HDFS), job scheduling (Airflow, et al), message queues and streams (eg. Kafka, Kinesis, RabbitMQ), and distributed computation (Hadoop, Spark, etc) for Analytics and Machine Learning use cases.
  • Product passion - You care about the bits you ship ending up in users’ hands, and work backwards from user needs to come up with solutions to problems.
  • Entrepreneurship - You’re a self-starter who loves to own things end-to-end. You don’t ask for permission - you’re too busy making things happen.
  • Team player - You know how to make those around you better and feed off their energy. You take care of your teammates.
  • You have a BS or MS in computer science or a related technical field
  • 2+ years production scale experience
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