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Script Advisor (Remote)

Job type Contract Company Coverfly Location Remote


  • Seeking freelance script advisors to evaluate and give notes on screenplays.
  • Job is contract-based and remote, so you work from home or wherever you are with a reliable internet connection.
  • Candidates must upload a sample of a script coverage they've completed in the past. We're looking for experts with reading experience who can provide useful, constructive feedback to writers without training or support. This is a contractor role. This is rolling submission and we are always on-boarding new contractors; we will reach out as need arises.


You are responsible for your own equipment (computers) and training. Hours are completely flexible - claim work as much or as little as you want. Full-time readers earn as much as $40,000+ per year, and others may only work a few hours per month.

About You

  • Loves reading - You will be reading short film scripts, screenplays, and TV pilot scripts
  • Loves writing - After reading the script, you will be writing anywhere from 1.5 - 7 pages of notes indicating areas where the script can be improved, areas where the writer has succeeded, and what steps can be taken to bring the script to its fullest potential
  • Loves movies - Knowledge of current film and television trends, as well as the basic framework and structure of screenwriting is essential
  • Has industry or reader experience, with a production company, management company or agency.
  • Has a supportive and engaging style of writing - The notes need to be clear, concise, thoughtful and actionable.  The writer must be able to follow your thoughts, understand what their next steps are to improve the script, and must feel safe enough that they don’t become defensive and feel attacked by an overly-critical judge.
  • Is detail-oriented - Coverage must be presented professionally, must not contain typos or content errors, and must be grammatically clear and exhibit intuitive reasoning.


  • On-time submission of deliverables
  • The ability to provide constructive, well-thought feedback to writers that will help the writers improve their craft and storytelling
  • Quick communication if there are issues or misses
  • Professional presentation of notes

Compensation & Benefits

Pay is per submission, and usually averages $16-$20 per hour. The hourly rate depends on the coverage package requested and how efficiently you are able to complete the work.

About Us

Coverfly (a.k.a Industry Arts) connects emerging writers with the industry, guiding writers to improve their craft and career through partnerships with top competitions, fellowships, and coverage providers.  We offer a variety of programs to showcase great talent, while being good stewards of aspiring writers as they determine their next step forward.

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