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Most students and even professionals have a difficult time articulating and pitching their story. Whether it’s acing an interview or sounding confident in a networking event, having a strong elevator pitch will set you apart and it will open many doors for you. Gina makes the process stress-free and will help you become pitch perfect in minutes. Gina’s goals are to help you

Build a personalized and powerful short pitch
Sound more confident and smooth
Nail interviews and land your dream job

What is Gina’s approach?

Why this way works?

The Approach

Our approach with Gina is to make the process of pitching seamless and stress-free.

The Science

Gina’s content and strategies are derived from research and studies from the top professionals in the career development industry.

The Results

In about 20 minutes, you will walk away with a smooth pitch and feeling more confident.

How does it work?

The Learning Track

For many students and seasoned professionals, the idea of an elevator pitch seems stressful and daunting. This is mainly because of the way academic institutions and career services approach the concept of an elevator pitch. At Upkey we believe it is time to change things up and look at learning differently. We know that having the ability to articulate your story is essential to your future success so we have worked hard to make the elevator pitch process smooth and fun.

Your digital pitch coach Gina will teach you all you need to know about your elevator pitch and will help you craft and practice yours every step of the way. Gina will have your back until you become 100% pitch ready.

How does it work?

The Final Outcome

Acing an interview goes far beyond having a good resume. A confident and well-crafted pitch will help you showcase your personality, grit and impress any hiring manager.

Gina will guide you through the process step by step and will give you the opportunity to practice along the way. In 20 minutes you will start to see results and will sound more confident. More practice means better results. Happy pitching!

What does Gina offer ?

What is included ?

Access to your pitch coach (Gina) while in school and for two years after graduation
Your customized elevator pitch video to share with friends and job applications
Tools and tips to improve your personal brand
A fun, engaging, educational experience and a pitch-perfect tool
Access to the world’s first student incubator community and perks including job opportunities

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