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Meet Sam

He’ll build you a top-notch resume, and show you how to use it like a pro.

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Why Sam Works:

The Approach
Sam engages, educates, and equips students with the professional tools they need to succeed.
The Science
Sam’s approach—use content and strategies taken straight from the top professionals.

The Results
Sam creates highly personalized, beautiful resumes, and teaches students how to use them to get interviews and land jobs.

Sam answers tough professional questions and teaches you
to fish for opportunities the right way.

Why are resumes so boring?

Why am I not getting results?

70% of students struggle for years to launch their careers after school. Luckily, Sam has the shortcuts to get you hired.

We created Sam so you could stay out of that 70%.

So what are you waiting for?

How can Sam help improve your professional life trajectory?

A meaningful professional career is built on a strong foundation. A beautiful, succinct, tailor-made resume is a key piece of that foundation, and the first step in building your professional brand. Sam will teach you powerful techniques and tools that can help you transition smoothly and effectively from a student into a respected professional with a full-time career. Best part is, the tricks and methods Sam will teach you are good for life.

How much does it cost?
Get started!
What’s included?
  • Access to Sam for 12 months, plus exclusive early access and beta pricing for Gina and Alto
  • A customized, beautiful resume designed to help you stand apart in any field
  • Tools and tips to improve your professional image
  • A fun, engaging, educational experience and valuable tools
  • Membership to the Upkey community and perks including mentorship and job opportunities

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