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Meet Sam

No matter where you are as a student, at some point you’re going to need a killer resume. That’s why Sam is going to teach you the secrets of top performers, and how they make stand-out resumes. Sam offers more than just basic advice or cookie cutter templates.

Build you a custom digital portfolio
Market yourself at every opportunity
Fortune 500 family connections

What is Sam’s approach?

Why this way works?

The Approach

Sam engages, educates, and equips students with the professional tools they need to succeed.

The Science

Sam’s approach—use content and strategies taken straight from the top professionals.

The Results

Sam creates highly personalized, beautiful resumes, and teaches students how to use them to land jobs.

How does it work?

The Learning Track

A meaningful professional career is built on a strong foundation. A beautiful, succinct, tailor-made resume is a key piece of that foundation, and the first step in building your professional brand.

Sam will teach you powerful techniques and tools that can help you transition smoothly and effectively from a student into a respected professional with a full-time career. Best part is, the tricks and methods Sam will teach you are good for life.

How does it work?

The Final Outcome

Having a perfect resume goes far beyond using a cookie template from Google or a friend. At its core, a resume should showcase your personality and tell your prospective employer why you are the best candidate for a job. The final resume results of Sam will help you move towards that goal.

Our modules are designed to not only showcase your grit and potential, we also make sure that you have the opportunity to present yourself with transferable skills gotten out of the traditional classroom. Every student deserves to be given an opportunity; Sam is your first step to your dream career.

What does Sam offer ?

What is included ?

Access to Sam for two years after graduation
A customized, beautiful resume designed to help you stand apart in any field
Tools and tips to improve your professional image
A fun, engaging, educational experience and valuable tools
Huge Upkey community and perks including mentorship and job opportunities

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