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Our Story

Upkey stands on the belief that you invest in people. When you see someone with potential, with ideas bursting from their mind, with that starry look in their eyes; invest in that person because they could change the world. Upkey was founded on a vision to close the opportunity and equality gap; we are working for a more diverse and inclusive world where career opportunities aren’t just limited to people with privilege, but are accessible for every young person.

Upkey is aiming to be the career building resource, a database of useful information for people laying the foundations of success to those asking for more than what they have. By democratizing and delivering powerful content and new tools, we are in the business of ensuring everyone has access to a better future.

We have just launched our Resume Scoring engine to combat outdated screening robots that are used to filtering candidates during the application process. The archaic origin of the automated software targets mostly POC, female, and international candidates' resumes to be dumped into the black hole and perpetuate the disadvantage. With our new tool, Upkey is giving the power back to candidates everywhere jumpstarting their progress so that they can be seen.

Come 2022, we are planning a launch of new tools and materials that will continue to be groundbreaking, innovative, and free. All part of our mission to invest in people.

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