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As part of our commitment to invest in your future success, Eastern Florida State College is excited to offer you Upkey, a suite of tools that helps students become more prepared and career ready.


Career Tools

Every successful job-hunt starts with an awesome resume! Upkey’s free tools help you craft amazing custom resumes for every job position, with ease.

Job match

Match your resume with jobs before applying


Resume Score

Want to know how strong your resume is? Easy. Upload your resume, get a score, and suggestions on how to improve!


Resume Builder

Build a stellar resume that improves your odds of getting hired


Jobs & Internships

Explore over one million jobs and internships that are updated daily. Easily search, apply and start your career on Upkey’s job board.

Jobs & Internships

Career Resources

Accelerate your career with our free on-demand career resources. Learn new skills, get career advice, network with peers, and so much more!

Enroll in our Career
Creation Course

Join our FREE course with career advice, hacks, and tips from industry-leading professionals. From finding a job you love to excelling at your new position, it’s all covered!

Enroll in our Career <br/> Creation Course

Join the Community!

Finding a job and starting your career is always easier with a supportive community. Join our Discord to ask for career advice and network with like-minded peers.

Join the Community!

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Career in Progress

Discover our library of answers, advice, and tips about career building and education. Check out our blog and find the information you are looking for!

Read our blog<br/>Career in Progress

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