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Let’s Make Every Student

Confident and Career Ready!

With our gamified and fun learning tracks, students grow in confidence

as they engage in the first steps of their professional development.

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What we do best?

We have developed a unique way to convert boring and stressful content into enjoyable and

fun experiences that can engage and better prepare your students for the real world.

We offer web applications that help your students:


Build their first resume and learn powerful tips on its real world application.


Learn about short and long term goals and put together a plan.


Learn how to share their story / elevator pitch and consequently become more confident.

What will your students learn

from the Upkey tracks

Pre-Collegiate Sam

Developing personal statements and understanding skills

Creating professional documents such as vision board and resumes

Gathering feedback from others for improvement

Introducing Gina

Developing your story, narrative and practicing your elevator pitch

Conducting “conversation of Inquiry”

Gathering feedback from others for improvement

Thinking about future and preparing for a career doesn’t have to be stressful nor boring. Shoot us a note and see how you can use our applications to make your students shine

The Pre-Collegiate

Learning Track

We are pleased to introduce Upkey’s learning track for high school students. While ideal for the 11th and 12th grades, we have found its application with middle grade students particularly useful when help from a teacher or counselor.

We believe that our learning modules will empower students to think and build very valuable skills.

Download our Teacher’s Coursework.

Our Philosophy and Research on Pre-Colligate Sam & Gina

Upkey is awesome!

With over 30+ years of experience in secondary and higher education, we believe that Upkey will help students build an excellent first (or second) resume and elevator pitch, but our ambitions are to help students refine, develop and enhance their “operating system” to think clearly, objectively, honestly, fearlessly and with courage and confidence with regard to the ability to direct their lives and to support others in the process.

Watch our introductory video to learn more.