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Providing life-changing opportunities for thousands of amazing students

Our coalition of leading companies, organizations, and recognized leaders share this incredible vision. It might be the toughest time in history to ask for your stretched resources, but it is the best time for your company to show its support for our future leaders!

What really matters?

COVID-19 may have deferred your goals and plans, but that doesn't mean students should defer theirs. With your help, we aim to bring top-quality programs and virtual internships to thousands of students who may have lost opportunities due to the pandemic.

Sales & Marketing Consultant Full-Time Job (VIP) will be launching for up to 10,000 Students

Upkey is offering a dynamic solution to ensure our upcoming, talented, and diverse workforce remains on track in their career journies. With the prospect of greatly diminished internship opportunities nationwide, this is a perfect way to show your support, gain exposure, and build your candidate pipeline, all without the hassle (or cost) of running your own internship program.

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We are now accepting sponsors for our 6-week Virtual Internship Programs! Our programs provide a curriculum that teaches students essential business and entrepreneurial skills and challenges them to become the next generation of leaders. As a sponsor, you'll gain invaluable exposure, have opportunities to engage with students, and develop a diverse and motivated talent pipeline.

62 Partners and Counting

We're proud to partner with incredible schools across the nation and help their students transform into polished professionals.

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