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We provide high school seniors and college students with fun, interesting, and engaging learning tracks to help them cultivate a marketable professional image, show off their grit and tenacity, and emphasize their potential. We’re here to level the playing field. If you share our vision for a more diverse, inclusive world where opportunities aren’t just limited to the privileged and every young person gets a chance to shine, we want to hear from you.

How Upkey works?
Sam graduated!


Stressful life of a student

You are finishing high school or are a college student and all this “professional stuff” is getting all stressful and confusing. You need a good resume and want to sound both confident and concise but don’t know where to begin.


Let Upkey help

You visit Upkey where an online mentor walks you through one of our interactive and fun learning tracks. Of course, you don’t pay for it because it’s FREE for students.

Sam joins Upkey
Sam plays games and puzzles


Videos, games and quizzes

You spend 30-40 minutes watching videos, playing games, taking fun quizzes and learning everything you need to know while having fun and being stress free!


The professional world!

You walk away feeling READY. Equipped with useful knowledge and tangible results that you can apply right away. And of course a big smile!

Sam joins the professional world
Amir, the Learner at Upkey Amir, the Learner at Upkey

Amir Badr

The Learner

Having grit and not giving up. That’s what Amir is all about. As a learning entrepreneur, Amir’s focus is to continue growing Upkey and to helping level the playing field for more students. When he is not in the office working, he is at home creating new food recipes and petting his fluffy Persian cat Chloe.

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Meet the team!

Ilija, the Executor at Upkey Ilija, the Executor at Upkey


The Executor

Elijah’s passion for user experience and design comes from his background gamification and design architecture. He loves to teach and share his knowledge with young students passionate about design. In his spare time, Elijah enjoys traveling to new places and exploring nature with his better half Erika.

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Maria, the Visualizer at Upkey Maria, the Visualizer at Upkey


The Visualizer

Maria knows first-hand the hardships of pitching oneself for a new job. At Upkey, she brings our animated mentors to life by creating our videos and illustrations that help make those hardships a little less hard.

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Dmitry, the Machine at Upkey Dmitry, the Machine at Upkey


The Machine

Yes, there are people who love to code and the biggest code lover of all is Dillon. Dillon is our in-house problem solver and all around nice guy. If you’re reading this it’s probably because Dillon did it.

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Jay, the Friend Maker at Upkey Jay, the Friend Maker at Upkey


The Friend Maker

Jay is a native Chicagoan, first-generation student and higher ed. champion. Jay is a great listener, which explains why he has so many friends. At Upkey, he develops and strengthens partnerships with high schools, colleges, and community-based organizations. On the weekends, he enjoys playing hoops and exploring local dining destinations.

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Klaudia, the Philosopher at Upkey Klaudia, the Philosopher at Upkey


The Philosopher

Klaudia loves to design and create content that is useful for millennials. Since joining Upkey, she has made it her mission to make education and professional development more fun and less stressful. When she is not working on fun projects at Upkey, she is a full-time student pursuing a graduate degree.

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Ivan, the Builder at Upkey Ivan, the Builder at Upkey


The Builder

If you haven't ever met a brilliant developer with a great personality, then you haven't met Ivan. He is always challenging himself and his peers to find better and more innovative ways to get things done.

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Stefan, the Magician at Upkey Stefan, the Magician at Upkey


The Magician

When it comes to creativity, Stefan is our Picasso. He makes our content come to life. When he’s not busy being a magician at the office, you can catch Stefan cycling or attending a fencing tournaments. Thankfully he doesn’t bring his foil to the office.

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Daniel, the Detail Guy at Upkey Daniel, the Detail Guy at Upkey


The Detail Guy

Daniel, who has been with Upkey from day one, continues to be an instrumental part of our growth. He is a natural creator and always ready for a new venture. When he’s not in the office, you can probably find him somewhere in the desert building next generation homes or in the kitchen figuring out how to make anything calorie free.

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Erika, the Socializer at Upkey Erika, the Socializer at Upkey


The Socializer

Erika builds our brand and gives our social media a savvy touch. She is all about communication with students and makes sure they have good content to view. In her spare time, she uses every moment to cuddle with her beagle and catching waves when she can.

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Jerry, the Thinker at Upkey Jerry, the Thinker at Upkey


The Thinker

Jerry is our tree of knowledge and ideas. He leads our growth, engagement, and development teams. With a career that has included serving as vice provost at a tech university and an advanced degree from an Ivy League, the most impressive bullets on his resume are his commitment and energies to uplift individuals and cohorts of students around him - from Chicago, throughout the U.S., to the Caribbean and Syria. Jerry is as philanthropic and as generous as they come.

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Asha, the Energizer at Upkey Asha, the Energizer at Upkey


The Energizer

Asha loves story telling using data. Her goal is to make sure all feedback and opinions have a voice. When everyone is running away from pile of boring data, Asha jumps in to make sense of it all. In her spare time, Asha loves to travel and get to know people from different cultures.

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Veronica, the Apprentice at Upkey Veronica, the Apprentice at Upkey


The Apprentice

Veronika is our outstanding intern. She is a full-time undergraduate student and loves learning new things, at Upkey she is our go to gal. When she is not studying and writing code she enjoys working out and spending time with her friends.

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Martin, the Synergy at Upkey Martin, the Synergy at Upkey


The Synergy

Martin is our top layer. At Upkey he is responsible for the amazing interaction between you and us. In his spare time he enjoys going fishing and relaxing in his backyard.

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Omid ,The Coordinator Omid ,The Coordinator


The Coordinator

Not only Omid is our talented application designer but he is also the bridge between our technology and our operations team. He helps make sure we are hearing, understanding and embedding our users' feedback and improving our product.

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Chloe, the Tiger at Upkey Chloe, the Tiger at Upkey


The Tiger

Chloe is our company cat. Before Chloe joined us, we had a company bird who currently resides in Chloe’s belly. As one of the most spoiled members of the Upkey family, Chloe enjoys long naps, unlimited access to food and occasional tummy rubs.

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