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Give your students everything they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market

How does Upkey help Universities?

We can help your students build a strong professional foundation by teaching them the career practices of the top industry leaders
The Problem:
Students go to advisors to get help with their professional image, find jobs, or improve their resume.
Advisors spend lots of time focused on formatting and tiny details- not the bigger picture.
Students leave with average resumes, frustrated because they still don’t know how to get jobs.
How Upkey Helps:
Upkey teaches students how to become successful professionals and gives them personally-customized and perfectly formatted resumes.
Students and advisors can focus on big-picture strategy, content, professional branding, and trajectory.
Students and advisors can engage on a deeper level and better prepare for the working world.

Upkey helps our students become sharper and more polished. It is a great tool for career advisers, mentors and teachers to help students become more engaged and motivate them to take more responsibilities in their professional development and building a strong brand.
Jerry Doyle
Vice Provost for Student Access,
Success at Illinois Tech
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